Sushi Doughnut at Poke Burri

Available at POKE BURRI !
Sometimes it’s difficult fighting the urge to pick up sushi with your fingers and gobble it down. Fret no longer, the sushi doughnut (food trend alert!) is the perfect mash-up of Japanese tradition and American on-the-go eating. Poke Burri, located in EAV’s Global Grub Collective, fills a ring of rice with a mild layer of wasabi and fumi furikake mayonnaise. On top, sashimi tuna is sprinkled with avocado, scallions, sesame seeds, crunchy tempura and eel sauce. Once a coveted item on the secret menu, the sushi doughnut has been added to Poke Burri’s regular bill of fare. Opt for the regular size or the “mega huge” option if you’re feeling frisky. $5.50/$11.