Seafood Boil at South New Orleans Seafood

Available at New Orleans Seafood !
Located in an unassuming commercial strip way down Flat Shoals Road in Panthersville, is a no-frills, real-deal New Orleans-style seafood market serving up heaps of shellfish shipped in from the bayou. Grab a cafeteria tray and some tongs to pick your own crab clusters from the ice chest, choose from various sizes of shrimp, lobster and fish from the deli case or pick from live seafood (right now it’s crawfish season, meaning you can meet the little critters face-to-face before they take their bath of no return). Everything is priced by the pound and can be taken home raw or cooked up Cajun style with your choice of seasoning, butter and low country add-ins like sausage, corn and potatoes. Priced by the pound.