Chef's Breakfast at One Eared Stag

Available at One Eared Stag !
Very few things in life are served to you on a silver platter these days, never mind with an icy cold can of Schlitz malt liquor. Luckily, you can cross this one off your bucket list during Sunday brunch at One Eared Stag. The Chef's Breakfast includes four small portions of whatever the kitchen is feeling that morning. A recent rendition included fluffy pancakes slathered in duck liver butter and topped with crispy fried chicken; tender hanger steak tossed with springy greens; a coddled egg sprinkled with salty salmon roe; and a slice of seared pork belly on a bed of homemade kimchee with an egg sunny side up. Each dish is artfully arranged on a shiny silver tray with a regal-looking can of Schlitz smack dab in the middle. Actually, the Schlitz pairs surprisingly well, the crisp, bubbly drink cutting through all the richness. $22.