Crépinettes at the Spotted Trotter

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Artisanal bacons are a dime a dozen these days, isn't it time for a change? Crépinettes are big sausage-y meatballs wrapped in lacy caul fat. The caul fat not only holds the crépinettes together, but also imparts a delicate fattiness that helps keep the meat juicy while cooking. The Spotted Trotter offers a variety of options each week, based in part on what's in season (salt-roasted peaches with spicy pork, or local chanterelles with Hudson Valley duck, for example), but one frequent standout is the rabbit version with Madeira-marinated figs, toasted hazelnuts and some pork belly for good measure. Sear them up in a skillet and you have a quick hit for dinner guests. Or just keep them all for yourself. $14-$17 per pound.