Blue Jay at Paper Plane

Available at Paper Plane !
The Blue Jay is barkeep Paul Calvert's riff on the classic Toronto cocktail - a rye whiskey and Fernet Branca drink he recalls making in huge batches back in his SoundTable days. While SoundTable's Toronto included large doses of bitter Fernet, bonded rye, sugar, and a flamed orange, the Blue Jay is a lower-alcohol version. The big, brassy rye is replaced with dry and peppery Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye beer; sugar and Fernet are combined to make a sweet(ish) syrup. Bitter citrus notes come from the herbal Amaro CioCiaro and a squeeze of fresh lemon. With hints of fruit and a mellow herbal edge, the Blue Jay is easy drinking for Fernet-lovers. Or a friendly introduction to the Italian bitter liqueur for anyone interested in becoming better acquainted. $9.