Build a Luminous Lantern - DOMINATE Decatur's Lantern Parade!

Wednesday May 9, 2018 07:00 PM EDT
Cost: $50.00,

From the venue:

Categories: Creative, Makey, Nerdy<br><br>Decatur is having a Lantern Parade on 11 May.

Come make a glam-normous glowing Q-tip lantern, to parade in style!

Go home with:

- A giant, fluffy Q-tip-style lantern, lit internally with blinky LED's
- An Arduino and related components, and
- A smile that will make them wonder!

Garnet Package: ($49.96)
- Arduino Uno compatible
- Addressable RGB LED strip
- Components to power and control your giant lantern
- Materials
- Five foot handle to hoist your luminescent lantern with pride

Ruby Extension Pack: Garnet Package, but a ten-foot pole instead of a five-foot pole. TOWER OVER THE OTHER LANTERNS! (Pay difference at Meetup).

Emerald Extension Pack: Garnet Package, plus a fitting to help you lantern while marching around. LET OTHER PEOPLE GET TIRED! NOT YOU! (Pay difference at Meetup).

Supplies are limited to ten participants; BOOK NOW!

More information


39c81 Arts Feature1 1 31
675 Metropolitan Parkway S.W.
Atlanta, GA 30310
(678) 824-4176

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