Kanji: How to Remember How to Understand and Write Them (Saying Not Included)

Monday May 21, 2018 07:00 PM EDT
Cost: $6.00,

From the venue:

Categories: Japanese, Nerdy<br><br>漢字

Kanji (the Chinese characters used in Japanese) are beautiful, complex, and very interesting. Each has at least one story, and you can add your own.

Here is a neat pair: 忍者: ninja!

Come to learn:
- history of kanji in Japan
- ways to memorize the meanings of, and ways to write, kanji
- why adult foreigners should not study kanji like Japanese children
- a description of another three steps to learning Japanese, if you feel like it.

Whether to speak and read Japanese, or to gain insight into how kanji work, (and maybe learn a few specific kanji), you’ll enjoy this meetup.

A participant at an earlier Meetup said:

"Dagmar's that's me kanji meetup was entertaining, informative, and convinced me that learning kanji is easy and fun. I'd happily show up for a kanji study group that uses the technique Dagmar described."
- shapr

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(678) 824-4176

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