Race Conscious Parenting Collective - July 25, 2018

Wednesday July 25, 2018 07:00 PM EDT
Cost: Donation,

From the venue:

This group is designed to support the ongoing development of white parents of white and multiracial children who are seeking to unlearn and dismantle white supremacy within their families, schools, neighborhoods and faith communities. Parents of color are welcome to attend and participate if desired, however the aim of this group is for white parents who have an expressed desire to develop tools and skills to teach themselves and their children how to fight systematic racism. We have chosen to construct this group in this way as the direct result of multi-racial conversations about the need for a place for white parents to process their own racism and internalized racial superiority without burdening people of color with the processing of white folks' feelings.This group will stretch and grow to meet the needs of its attendees and will continue to work in coaltion with multi-racial parenting groups when appropriate. It assumes best intent, an intersectional feminist approach (we all live at the intersection of multiple identities), and an understanding that white people must take the lead in dismantling white supremacy. This group is for parents of children and teens of all ages, though we may end up splitting into age affinity groups as the group grows. It is facilitated by Shannon Gaggero, author of the blog "A Striving Parent," and E.R. Anderson, Executive Director of Charis Circle, and Beth-Ann Buitekant, a local family and school therapist. Childcare will be provided and a donation will be collected to help pay for the childcare worker. If you have ideas, questions, concerns please email Eranderson at chariscircle.org.This is a Charis Circle Strong Families, Whole Children Event. The suggested donation is $5.
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