Space Exploration: Design-Build Challenges with LEGO Robotics

Monday July 9, 2018 09:00 AM EDT
Cost: $495

From the venue:

Join us for a week of prototyping, imagining, and designing robots for space exploration using LEGO Robotics! Camp participants will learn the basics of LEGO Robotics (or expand on the knowledge they already have). LEGO Robotics is a tool that allows young designers to create robots using various LEGO bricks and sensors. Campers will learn to adopt design and engineering mindsets as they take on the various complex challenges that scientists face when trying to send robots into space.

Young designers will learn about the principles of astrophysics as well as past, current and upcoming projects that have been or could be launched into space. We will discuss the possibility of alien planets and how scientists speculate if extra-planetary habitation is feasible. Space exploration topics to be discussed include the Curiosity Rover that went to Mars, Cassini which was deployed to study Saturn, and TRAPPIST-1 among others. Campers will also explore the types of sensors and mechanics behind particular launches and projects, and how we can use our LEGO NXT kits to create prototypes!

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