Saturday February 9, 2019 09:00 pm EST
Cost: $20-$23
Born 1984 near Lyon, France, Franck Rivoire?s musical history started at an early age, when his parents introduced him to the piano and saxophone. Growing up, he played in both jazz and punk bands, and other interests included skateboarding and metal music. Rivoire got his first synthesizer after seeing a friend use one and convincing his parents to buy one for him, too. His interest in electronic music was pursued further when he began using Amiga and Atari computers to make ?chiptunes?, a hobby that he still practices and who?s influences have clearly made their way into his art. Before he started using the name ?Danger?, Rivoire trained to be a graphic designer and worked as one professionally. When not working, he practiced digital music production. His early and arguably most notable track ?11h30? was created during this time and contains his own vocals, but no lyrics, the vocals instead consist of mixed-up syllables. A golden display of the left-field creativity Franck brings to his music.
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