Mineral, Tancred, Pohgoh

Saturday January 12, 2019 07:00 PM EST
Cost: $25

From the venue:

Hell. In 1997, after less than four years together, Mineral broke up. But while some bands simply fade away after calling it a day, that wasn?t the case for the Austin-based four-piece. In fact, it was quite the opposite ? their legacy grew and grew. Not bad for a band who had just put out a handful of seven-inches and two studio albums, 1997?s debut The Power Of Failing and 1998?s posthumous EndSerenading. Back then, Mineral?s members ? vocalist/guitarist Chris Simpson, guitarist Scott McCarver, bassist Jeremy Gomez and drummer Gabe Wiley ? were little more than kids, early-20-somethings with a magical chemistry that can still be heard and felt in those songs today, but which few people ever got to experience at that time.
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