Atlanta Improvisers Orchestra at First Existentialist Congregation

Thursday March 14, 2019 09:00 pm EDT
Cost: $5-$10 Suggested donation

Categories: Experimental Music Concert
A supergroup of the weirdest and wildest of Atlanta's experimental music scene, the Atlanta Improvisers Orchestra is an unpredictable assemblage of ideas and approaches unified under conductor Ofir Klemperer. Utilizing a system of hand signals based on Butch Morris's original concept, Ofir shapes and curates the storm of sound as it develops, one moment setting musicians against each other, the next wringing harmony out of the chaos. Performers invent the music on the spot while Ofir finds the through line, passing a theme from one musician to the next, adjusting dynamics and density, introducing drastic changes, and finding the balance between freedom and control to create a cohesive whole.
Ofir Klemperer, Barron Singh, Majid Araim, Benjamin Shirley, Eric Fontaine, John Gregg, David Gray, Rasheeda Ali, Alexander Schmidt, Chris Childs, Neill Prewitt, Priscilla Smith, Tim Crump, Al-Yasha Ilhaam Williams, William Lackey, and Gabe Monticello.


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