The Scientists, Vincas, GG King

Denee Segall
Saturday April 20, 2019 08:30 PM EDT
Cost: $25,

From the venue:

The Scientists are the ultimate cult band! Mysterious, undefinable and yet many quite distinct things to many people. Some blame them for Grunge, some think they’re a power pop band, some think they’re experimental. Tav Falco describes them in Ghosts Behind The Sun thus: “Mercurial individuals who’s science is strictly alchemical.” 

Originating in Perth Western Australia in the beginnings of post-punk they travelled to Sydney, then London cutting a swathe through the indie scene throughout the 1980s only to vanish. Sited as a seminal influence by so many – Sonic Youth, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Mudhoney, Nirvana the band had to return some time.

In 2018 they’ve returned, recorded the singles, "Mini Mini Mini," "Braindead," and have a soon-to-be released EP on In The Red called 9H20.SiO2 in the works. They made their first trip to the USA last year confirming what people suspect. They are totally unique — distinct from other bands and sound as brutal now as ever. Not to be missed!

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