'Toy Story 4' Behind the Scenes: A Journey Alongside Team Bo

Courtesy of Disney-Pixar
'Toy Story 4' Behind the Scenes is at SCAD AnimationFest Thu., Sep. 6.
Thursday September 26, 2019 02:30 PM EDT
Cost: Free-$40,

From the venue:

In Toy Story 4, audiences are reunited with Bo Peep, who returns after nearly 20 years away from the big screen. In readapting her design, Team Bo — a group dedicated to reviving one of Toy Story's most beloved characters — was created. Team Bo was committed to informing the story and design of Bo's character while also utilizing new technology driving explorations in shading, simulation, and animation. This talk describes Bo Peep's journey through production, from initial research into decades-old reference and visualization to the modern results and strides we've taken across both creative and technical specialties.

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