Amsterdam Swing!

Saturday November 16, 2019 07:30 pm EST
Cost: $15

Categories: Swing Dancing
Join the swingin' Eileen Howard Band at the Amsterdam Cafe for a night of music. We'll be playing a crowd-pleasing mix of swing, Latin and blues. Large dance floor for those who want to dance and plenty of tables and seating for those who prefer to listen. Excellent food, good service, full bar and great music!

Throughout her twenty year career in Ohio, New York, and Atlanta, Eileen has garnered critical acclaim for her recordings and performances.

Eileen’s music is SO danceable. I can hardly wait to the next time I can dance to her music. Jim Bird
Eileen’s music makes it hard to sit still & NOT dance. Even if you sit you’ll probably be tapping that foot! Bonnie L.

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