Grassland, Spinster

Saturday November 2, 2019 08:00 pm EDT
Cost: $18-$21

At live shows, every element of the band is turned up to eleven. This is not a show you'll see fans chatting through. The crowd yells "woo"s of encouragement. They slap their thighs. They sing along. They dance. The band's chemistry positively fills the room as they grin their way through the set, extending some of their tracks into improvised jams. Sometimes it looks a little like bluegrass. Sure, it has a banjo, a fiddle and a mandolin on occasion. But there is the electric guitar and a drum kit. It's jazzy, bluesy, soulful, country and rock. It's something much more, something modern and amorphous. It's music that crosses generations, crosses genres, and will cross your soul. It just happens.

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