AnachroCon 2020: The Roaring 20's

Photo Courtesy: AnachroCon
Friday February 14, 2020 12:00 am EST
Cost: $40-$65
 If you’re interested in history, costume designs, music, or all of the above, then AnachroCon is the place to be. Go back in time with live performers to experience the reality of the Roaring Twenties. See fun, interactive panels that range in topic from science to literature and costuming. Hear from panelists like author Daniel Dark, amateur historian JoAnna Scott, and space opera writer Kayelle Allen. Performers include vocal trio The T-Tones and Atlanta’s only magic and mentalism duo NeverMoore. There will even be a vintage car show charity fundraiser, which is a great way to see some historical relics while giving to a worthy cause. Cosplay and costumes of all generations will also be on display. The convention is a truly remarkable way to learn about history while being immersed in an unforgettable era.
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