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National Panda Day

Monday March 16, 2020 10:30 AM EDT
Cost: Zoo Admission

From the venue:

National Panda Day is observed every year to celebrate and raise awareness for two of the most commonly recognized conservation icons in the animal kingdom; the giant panda and red panda. Come help us celebrate and give two pseudothumbs up for conservation!

In the Wild…
These playful animals with their unique adaptions to survive on primarily bamboo diets draw the attention of many across the globe, but their populations in their native ranges are still facing threats. The giant panda and red panda are currently listed respectively as Vulnerable and Endangered on The IUCN Red List, and both face threats from habitat fragmentation, or the destruction and separation of their homes. Habitat fragmentation decreases available space for wild giant pandas and red pandas, their food source and their ability to find suitable mates and contribute to the survival of their species.

As one of only three zoos in the United States that are home to giant pandas, Zoo Atlanta is excited to celebrate National Panda Day with our guests on March 16, 2020. Please join us to learn about giant pandas and red pandas, what makes them unique, and what you can do at home to support their conservation and survival for years to come. We will be raising money for Red Panda Network, a long-time conservation partner of Zoo Atlanta that is protecting red pandas through conservation, education, research and overall advocacy for the species.

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