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INTERSPACED- de ruimte tussen onze dromen (the space between our dreams)

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Courtesy of 7 Stages
Saturday July 25, 2020 02:00 PM EDT
Cost: Free,

From the venue:

Join us for a live stream on our Facebook and webpage of INTERSPACED- de ruimte tussen onze dromen (the space between our dreams), an international film created by and featuring Youth Creates and Holland’s Bootcamp ensemble members in their Re-Boot Creates experience of international summer collaboration. For over a decade, we have traveled across the seas in both directions with our teen ensembles and professional artists to share methods and create original productions together. The physical space between the Netherlands and the United States suddenly is very present, and yet it feels like we are working together closer than ever. Despite our isolation and differing health and social circumstances, the artists prevailed by internet collaboration. This fiercely weird journey takes audiences on a bizarre glimpse into a dreamlike movie about the space between the two countries, the space in the sky, the space in our head and our personal space. Filled with hope, movement, and song… these dreams may entice you to share across the space that divides us.

For everyone's health and safety, this will be live-streamed on 7 Stages Facebook page and webpage. We encourage everyone to social distance together by hosting watch parties over the internet!

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