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DJ Spider @ Dragon Con

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Courtesy of DJ Spider (Music)
Sunday September 6, 2020 03:15 am EDT
Cost: Free

From the venue:

Just like the real thing! And FREE! My set is streaming in real-time as a Late Night Rave set, 3:15am - 5:15am on Sunday morning, so basically still Saturday night LOL. And even though it's pre-recorded, I'll be hanging out on the Dragon Con Discord during this time if anyone wants to chat or have a virtual dance party smile

Worried you'll miss it because there are panels and online events running 24-hours all weekend? Snag the streaming membership for $10 at https://dragoncon.tv/ and you'll be able to watch EVERYTHING for a full year - there are over 20 musical acts alone, plus panels, interviews and more ....such a deal!

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