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Event Scheduled

Improvised Made For TV Movie

Friday November 27, 2020 08:00 pm EST
Cost: $15

From the venue:

Topher Payne (bonafide Hallmark screenwriter), Amber Nash (FX's Archer) and Kevin John Gillese (DGTV) are teaming up to bring back one of Dad's Garage's classic Holiday shows.
This all-star team will bring you a livestreamed holiday play based on your favorite greeting card channel holiday movies. Under Jon Carr's direction, this hilarious show poises our improvisers to explore the effects of the cultural restrictions and perspectives guiding this familiar format, all while playing the love for laughs. You'll laugh, you'll "awww," you'll wonder how many bakeries and event planners a small town can support.
How do you do a play about love in a time of social distancing? You get a real-life married couple. Amber and Kevin have been quarantining together and this show is being performed under strict safety conditions.This show will be performed live and livestreamed Friday and Saturday nights, starting November 27th.

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