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Sunday Sunsets with ETHEL

Elsewhere Brewing Co.
A Sunday tradition with ETHEL at Elsewhere Brewing Co.
Sunday July 24, 2022 05:00 PM EDT
Cost: Free,

From the venue:

Bryant and Katy happen to be some of the greatest people we’ve met since opening Elsewhere Brewing Co. Their duo (and Katy’s stage name) ETHEL plays at Elsewhere every Sunday afternoon.Bryant is an Atlanta native while Katy is from the other side of the pond: London, England. They met while Bryant was bartending, and as he put it, “When I saw her I immediately thought: ‘If she talks to me, we’ll be together forever’.” Their relationship accelerated quickly and they got married!Musically, they have quite different backgrounds. Bryant plays the saxophone and is trained in Jazz. Katy handles the vocals and keyboard and in her own words, “just does whatever the bloody hell she wants to do.” Her stage persona, ETHEL, personifies this kick ass attitude: faux fur coats, strong drinks, and a general Superwoman resilience.
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Elsewhere Brewing Company
1039 Grant Street S.E. #B34
Atlanta, GA 30315
(470) 432-9346