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Logan Pilcher, Weston T Hine, Andrew James

Sunday January 29, 2023 08:30 PM EST
Cost: $15+
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From the venue:

Logan Pilcher

Rooted in his own personal experiences, Logan’s songs seek to transcribe authentic moments of truth. Logan started creating music with finger style acoustic guitar and earthy textures, telling stories of unapologetic love in the face of adversity. In the throes of 2020, his interests in sound engineering and production led him down new rabbit holes. Coupled with a fresh songwriting approach, the result was his debut album “Most Days (I’m Trapped In My Bedroom Dreaming of a World I Don’t Know)”? - a folk record with a pop sensibility, infused with otherworldly atmospheres. Logan is currently based out of Athens, GA and tours regularly along the East Coast.

Weston T Hine

Weston T Hine is an artist who was born and bred in Northwest FL where roots music collides with the glassy emerald coast. Drawing on the well of musicians such as Wilco and Tom Petty, he has an ear for more current nuance, but a foundation set on music from the past. The music has been described as a blend between folk, indie-rock, and everything there is to love about Americana. Weston T Hine spends much of his time performing regularly along the Florida coast and has begun his solo musical journey with three break-out singles, “Give It Up”? (2020), “Into The Mystic” (2021) a cover of Van Morrison’s classic hit, and the most recent “Thinking Of You”? (2022). All songs are available now everywhere music can be found.

Andrew James

They say that timing is everything, and roots rock singer-songwriter Andrew James ought to know. A Texas native who got his start as a guitar-slinging sideman, James broke out as a solo artist in 2016, when his Shoreline EP arrived to unexpected streaming success. Appearing at the dawn of a boom in curated playlists, it stood precariously on the edge of an emotional canyon, with soft-spoken confessionals capturing a sense of melancholy beauty to rack up more than 12 million plays on Spotify and counting. But now, the time has come to move forward. With What Am I Running From? - James’ long-awaited full-length album debut - the thought provoking Nashville tunesmith turns to face his inner turmoil, and move toward a new musical chapter. Over the course of 10 tracks co-produced by Rocko Wheeler and engineered by Andrija Tokic at East Nashville’s Bomb Shelter studio, James blends roots-rocking drive with folk curiosity and indie-pop whimsy, as the grayscale themes of self reflection find a technicolor sonic contrast.

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