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Hunter Callahan

Saturday April 1, 2023 07:00 PM EDT
Cost: $12+,

From the venue:

Hunter CallahanIt was 4:30p on a Sunday afternoon while Hunter Callahan was driving to a band rehearsal when a drunk driver crashed into his car and rolled three times landing Callahan in the hospital for a week. With a lesion in his brain and spine, extended nerve pain in his lower extremities, and a misdiagnosis of MS, the then 20-year old Callahan spent the next eight months cathartically writing what would become his first full-length album. Not exactly how band rehearsal was supposed to turn out, but then Hunter Callahan's story is anything but usual. Already an accomplished blues guitarist by the age of 17, Hunter began writing his own music and developing his voice as a singer. After a few years of cutting his teeth in the Atlanta indie music scene, Hunter was selling out the more popular rooms like Smith's Olde Bar, and becoming an SRO headliner at famed venues such as Eddie's Attic in Decatur. As word traveled, so did Hunter until he ended up in Nashville, TN to record his cathartic full-length record with Dana C. Lamb and John Bass producing. "Broken Hearts & Melodies"? combined Callahan's folk songwriting sensibilities with his spicy blues guitar playing, and helped to usher in his 21st birthday by garnering the attention of Atlanta-based producer Dan Hannon (Aaron Shust, Manchester Orchestra). In an effort to step it up a notch and truly focus on his vocal prowess, Callahan sought out the tutelage of renowned vocal coach and producer "Mama"? Jan Smith (Usher, Justin Bieber, The Band Perry, etc.) learning to finally pair his vocal chops with his stellar musicianship. Digging deep into his voice also allowed Hunter to examine some of his own personal pain and triumphs, bringing him face-to-face with himself as a songwriter, a musician, a man, and now a husband to the love of his life, Hannah. With the help of "Mama"? Jan, Hunter and Hannah continued the story of digging deep while pairing hauntingly familiar harmonies as they weave together what is affectionately entitled, "The Cobweb Sessions"? - This 5-song stripped-down acoustic EP, produced by the Grammy nominated "Mama"? Jan along with Jesse Owen Astin in Smith's Atlanta studio. As for the rest of the world, the past few years have brought waves of change to Hunter's life, namely the birth of his son, Hollis. Naturally, the music continued to change as well. 2020 saw the release of the Americana infused "Start With Tomorrow,"? while 2021 welcomed the soulful and moving "Peace."? 2022 marked yet another new direction. Hunter teamed up with Abe Parker on 2022's "Masks"? and the forthcoming, "Something's Gotta Give."? These recent songs explore change, mental health, aging, time, and identity. And the realization for Hunter Callahan that his music, and his life, continue to be anything but usual "? and that story for him has really just begun.
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6a583 Eddie S Attic Magnum
515 N. McDonough St.
Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 377-4976
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