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Tesla vs Edison presented by the Center for Puppetry Arts

Wednesday March 1, 2023 08:00 PM EST
Cost: $26.00,

From the venue:

Categories: Puppetry
Known as the “War of Current,” this debate between alternating and direct current electricity became one of the greatest feuds in American history between Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla and businessman Thomas Alva Edison. At the center of this clash, Tesla famously argued electricity should be given to the masses at no cost, no matter their class or creed, while Edison wanted to capitalize on the popularity of the world’s growing need to power their homes and lives into the future. This new and original production follows two of history’s greatest genius inventors as they clash over their disparate visions of the future. See how the race to light up the world, and at what cost, began with these two brilliant and fiercely competitive men.
This adult puppetry show is for ages 18+ with children 12+ allowed entrance w/adult
Wednesday - Saturday, 8 PM & Sunday at 5 PM

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