Casablanca (1942)

03/06/2023 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Cost: $10-$15
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CL Critic Curt Holman Recommends: Here’s looking at you, kid.” This oft-quoted 1942 romantic drama is one of the jewels of Hollywood’s golden age. Humphrey Bogart plays a cynical club owner re-united with his ex (Ingrid Bergman) against a backdrop of war-time intrigue.  — CH

From the venue:

Rick Blaine owns a nightclub in Vichy-controlled Casablanca, frequented by refugees desperate to escape German domination. Despite the ever-present human misery, Rick manages to remain uninvolved in World War II now raging across Europe and Northern Africa. But all that changes when Ilsa Lund walks through the front door of Rick’s club--Rick must now choose between a life with the woman he loves and becoming the hero that both she and the world need.
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