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Athens In Atlanta With Heffner, The Pink Stones, Jameson Tank, Monsoon, Ad Blanco, Bea Porges

#29 The Pink Stones Courtesy Of Thepinkstones.com Reduced
Photo credit: thepinkstones.com
CLOSER TO HOME: A variety of acts from the fertile Athens indie rock scene, including The Pink Stones (pictured), are featured June 17.
Saturday June 17, 2023 07:00 PM EDT
Cost: $20.00
CL Critic Hal Horowtiz Recommends: Heffner, The Pink Stones, and Jameson Tank headline an evening introducing bands from just up the road, on the “old Atlanta highway.”. The Pink Stones’ sweet, unembellished country might be the most familiar, but this is a great way to sample indie acts that don’t often play Atlanta, and, for a reasonable ticket price. Who knows, one of these acts may be the next R.E.M. or even The B-52’s! — HH

From the venue:

Made up almost entirely of Athens musicians who play in other bands around town (including former members of the Drive-By Truckers and the Glands), The Pink Stones match their frontman’s vast musical vocabulary while adding their own twists to spacey honkytonk, pedal-to-the-metal trucker anthems, and ecstatic gospel. Together, they have the range to be whatever they need to be at any given moment, embracing the spirit of musical freedom that has animated the local music scene for more than forty years. Yet, The Pink Stones sound like no other Athens band. “We have the space to be free here in Athens and do whatever we want,” says Pinkston. “We get to do our own thing, and there are a million other really good bands doing their own things here as well. Everyone is friends with everyone else, and everyone’s doing something constantly, so you’re always hearing something new. And you always have to stay on your toes.”  
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21a31 Terminal West Magnum
887 West Marietta St. N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 876-5566