etúHOME Floral Cheese Crafting Workshop

Tuesday August 1, 2023 05:00 PM EDT
Cost: $50

From the venue:

Categories: Workshop
Marcy Braselton, from Community Kitchen ATL, is partnering with etúHOME to host a Floral Cheese Crafting class in their gorgeous store at Shops Around Lenox. You will learn how to artfully adorn goat cheese logs with edible flowers, herbs and spices - creating three delicious goat cheese logs to take home and enjoy. Marcy will walk through additional pairings, sharing her tips & tricks for selevting the perfect chutneys, jams, and crackers to complement your cheeseboard. 

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SAL Property Feb'23 11 (1)
3400 Around Lenox Rd
Atlanta, GA 30326