Between Two Times

Saturday September 16, 2023 07:00 PM EDT
Cost: $0-$20
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From the venue:

The 17th century was a major turning point for Western music. Composers began writing instrumental sonatas with contrasting sections, giving way to florid ornamentation over a simple bass line. This move away from earlier styles required a new type of spontaneity that allowed the performers to demonstrate virtuosic skills on rapidly evolving instruments. “Sol Divino” takes a slice from the late Renaissance and pairs this with the early Baroque masterworks of Castello, Frescobaldi, and Monteverdi in a concert that celebrates the instruments, the composers, and the music. 

Jody Miller and Jonathan DeLoach (recorder), Erik Schmalz (trombone), Rosalind Buda (dulcian), Kelly Brzozowski (harp), Gregory Hamilton (theorbo), and Barbara Weiss (organ). 

$20 suggested donation; $10 for discounted categories. No one turned away for inability to donate.

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