Atlanta Braves’ Organist: Matthew Kaminski’s Mondo Hammondo

Saturday February 10, 2024 08:00 PM EST
Cost: $25-$30+

From the venue:

If you’re a Braves fan, then you’ve probably heard Matthew Kaminski entertain the crowd on the organ!

He’s a jazz organist (a Hammond Organ/Leslie Speaker artist), pianist, accordionist, and the official organist for the Atlanta Braves (since 2009). He’s been featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, on BBC, ESPN, NPR’s “Weekend Edition,”and Fox 5’s “Good Morning Atlanta.”

Furthermore, he has been voted the “Sprint All Together Fan” by and the “Best Entertainment Group” by

“Matthew Kaminski’s Mondo Hammondo” allows Matthew to explore his more adventurous side by diving into the more obscure musical genres of Exotica (Tiki Bar Music), Bachelor Pad, Space Age Pop, and Lounge Jazz. Let the music transport you to the Nearest Faraway Place!

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