Journey Montana, Lily Massie, Liv Heavenly, E’Lanah

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Edwig Henson
STARGIRL: Rising pop sensation Journey Montana brings her glossy new EP, “Stargirl,” to Vinyl this month.
Sunday February 25, 2024 08:00 PM EST
Cost: $20-$25
CRITIC’S PICK: On “Stargirl,” a standout track from the EP of the same name, Journey Montana croons, “I’m not an angel, I’m just a star/You can only see me if you look real hard/I only come out in the dark.” The young, Harlem-bred singer-songwriter is fresh off the release of her debut EP, and she is already certain that she will be a star in the music industry. Her confidence and charisma ooze from the songs housed on Stargirl, and the scarce number of guest features — apart from the spectacular Eric Bellinger appearance on “Undefeated” — creates a listening experience that is entirely centered around Journey Montana. If you’ve been looking for an enthralling new artist who toes the line between R&B and pop, Journey is your girl, and her upcoming show at Vinyl is the perfect opportunity for new listeners to experience the rising starlet live. In addition to the intimacy of the space, there will also be up-and-comers such as Lily Massie, Liv Heavenly, and E’Lanah. Grab your tickets and get ready to witness the music industry’s newest stargirl. — Joshua Robinson

From the venue:

Journey Montana
Some voices are unforgettable and 18-year-old emerging singer and prolific songwriter Journey Montana is one of those who is truly destined for greatness. Once you’ve heard her cool melodies paired with authentic and relatable lyrics you won’t be able to forget them.

Lily Massie
A true believer in the words of R.S Grey: “She believed she could, so she did.” At just 22 years old, Lily is on a mission to make music as vulnerable, creative, and catchy as it gets. She’s about empowering everyone that they can do ANYTHING, no matter their gender, size, race, or sexual orientation. “I was told my whole life there’s no room for someone like me in music. So I made room. I want my music to be a safe space for people who need that.”

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