Berlioz North America Tour 2024

Thursday January 18, 2024 07:30 PM EST
Cost: $20.00

From the venue:

When you combine the UK Jazz scene with downtempo deep house, you get berlioz. berlioz is the new alias of producer Ted Jasper, and while he has only released 8 songs under his new alter-ego, it’s opened a doorway for his dream-like, soulful electronica genre to flourish.

That special sound has earned him shout outs from Erykah Badu, support from BBCR1, Rinse, NTS, Reprezent and FIP, 4000+ vinyl copies sold, 6 million+ streams per month and a huge following on social media with 395k IG followers and 287k on Tiktok, all whist independent, self-signed and managed.

berlioz will soon embark on his upcoming tour of North America, crossing several states and connecting with a wider, global music community.

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