Ear Pollen, Part 2

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Ted Johnson
AURAL POLLINATION REDUX: Ear Pollen, Part 2, a monthly series of duets curated by instrument constructor and performer Klimchak, begins Sat., Feb. 3, with guest star Bill Taft at Atlanta Contemporary.
Saturday February 3, 2024 04:00 PM EST
Cost: Free with registration.
CRITIC’S PICK: In 2020, Klimchak, celebrated Atlanta-based percussionist, composer, and constructor and player of ingenious, often weirdly whimsical, musical instruments, curated a series of concerts collectively titled “Ear Pollen.” The concerts were staged at 378, the sadly defunct art and performance space on in Candler Park. “The idea behind Ear Pollen is to have a showcase area for the many different niches of experimental music from electronic to acoustic, from jazz to noise,” Klimchak said at the time. “I’m primarily interested in ... solo and duet improvisation ... because smaller groups tend to spark more of a conversational feel between the performers and with the audience.” The series was building momentum when the COVID-19 pandemic put the kibosh on such gatherings. Happily, Atlanta Contemporary has provided Klimchak with the means and venue to revive “Ear Pollen,” albeit in a slightly altered form. This time around, each monthly concert will feature Klimchak playing a duet with a different artist. The first installment, a Saturday matinee at 4 p.m. on Feb. 3, pairs Klimchak with Bill Taft, a prolific composer, bandleader (W8ing4UFOs) and improvisationalist. “Ear Pollen” concerts are free, but Atlanta Contemporary is limiting attendance so be sure and register. — Doug DeLoach

From the venue:

Atlanta Contemporary, 535 Means Street NW, Atlanta, 30318
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