Hailey Whitters

#36 Hailey Whitters
DREAM A LITTLE DREAM: Hailey Whitters performs songs from her new album, “The Dream,” Feb. 26.
Sunday February 25, 2024 08:30 PM EST
Cost: $20-$25

CRITIC’S PICK: After years of scuffling in Nashville as a songwriter for hire, Whitters took the plunge as a solo artist, striking commercial success with The Dream (2020) followed by the even better and more popular Raised in 2022. Her music falls between country, melodic California rock and Americana (her arena-sized duet with American Aquarium’s BJ Barham on “Middle of America” is a career highlight) with plenty of room-filling hooks and a sweet/sassy voice that can melt an iceberg. — Hal Horowitz

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21a31 Terminal West Magnum
887 West Marietta St. N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 876-5566