“Material Memory”: Kelly Taylor Mitchell and Sergio Suárez

Material Memory 2024 Press Release
Swan Coach House Gallery
Kelly Taylor Mitchell
Friday January 26, 2024 10:00 AM EST
Cost: Free
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From the venue:

“Material Memory” brings together two celebrated Atlanta-based artists whose practices use material as a critical form of communication. Beyond functional use, materials are filled with personal, cultural, and symbolic meanings that often trigger memory and imagination. When thoughtfully woven together, certain materials can read like language offering supplemental, if not critical, meaning to a work of art. Kelly Taylor Mitchell is a multimedia artist whose art is the material result of their personal spiritual practice. She combines the materials of ritual with those from her personal and communal histories to evoke feelings of the familiar. Sergio Suarez is a multimedia artist whose work explores the mutability of material. His interests in existentialism, translation, and transformation are made tangible through his experimental approach to art making traditions, resulting in art objects that push against the familiar. “Material Memory” is an exhibition that focuses on the rigorous art making processes used by the artists to create their artworks and offers a glimpse into their intimate and complex relationship with the materials that give their work meaning.
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