The Blues is Alright Tour

#14 The Blues Is Alright Tour
ALRIGHT NOW: The popular blues-tinged package “The Blues is Alright” returns Apr. 7.
Sunday April 7, 2024 06:00 PM EDT
Cost: $59-$250+
CRITIC’S PICK: Ask any serous blues lover who Tucka, King George, Pokey Bear, J-Wonn, West Love, or Lebrado is and you’ll likely get a blank stare in return. That’s because they are closer to ultra-slick, old-school-styled soul than anything out of Stax’s Memphis or Chicago’s Chess labels. There is apparently an audience for this genre based on its yearly appearance at this large venue — and the ticket prices — but to call it blues is at best generous and ultimately a misnomer. Regardless, the music is expertly played, the acts have sumptuous voices and the performers are professional. So if this is your thing, it’ll be an enjoyable evening. — Hal Horowitz

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