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Science Cafe: Hector E. Perez

Thursday April 25, 2024 06:00 PM EDT
Cost: Free

From the venue:

Seeds are exquisite environmental sensors. For example, a hydrated seed is constantly sensing environmental signals such as temperature, light, and oxygen levels. A seed then integrates all this information to align germination with environmental conditions that should support seedling growth. But what happens when environmental signals are predicted to stay near or outside the limits that allow germination to occur? We will explore such questions by first examining the Earth’s climate history and predictions of where it is heading. We will then dive into seed biology to understand how seeds work with an emphasis on operational limits that govern seed processes such as germination. Finally, we will synthesize this information in an attempt to answer the question “are today’s seeds ready for the climate challenges of tomorrow”.
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Atlanta Botanical Magnum
1345 Piedmont Ave. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 876-5859