Saturday Writers Workshop 4-13 -24

Saturday April 13, 2024 02:00 PM EDT
Cost: From $5.00

From the venue:

About this event
2 hours

 Join us for the Saturday Writers Workshop, a monthly gathering of wordsmiths and creative minds! Hosted by the dynamic poet and 2011 Poetry Slam Champion Theresa Davis, this workshop promises an inspiring journey into the art of writing.

Guest Facilitators - Diverse Genres: Experience a variety of writing styles and genres as we feature guest facilitators who are experts in their fields. From poetry to prose, fiction to non-fiction, each workshop will offer a unique perspective, enriching your writing toolkit.

Interactive Sessions with Prompts and Ekphrasis: Engage in interactive sessions using thought-provoking prompts and ekphrasis – the art of vividly describing a visual work of art through words. Unleash your creativity and watch your writing evolve in unexpected and exciting ways.

Bring Your Favorite Writing Implement: Whether it’s a cherished pen, a trusty notebook, or your preferred digital device, come prepared to write with the tools that inspire you.

Admission: $5 Your support helps sustain these enriching workshops. Please contribute $5 at the door to ensure the continuation of this creative community.

How to Register: Purchase a ticket here on Eventbrite or visit to secure your spot! Registration is required (and very useful when securing snacks).

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