Science Café: Simone Lim-Hing

Thursday May 16, 2024 06:00 PM EDT
Cost: Free

From the venue:

Simone Lim-Hing | Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Georgia | Thursday, May 16 at 6 p.m. | Location: Mershon Hall + Facebook Live | Navigating Forest Health in a Changing World
Speaker Bio: Simone Lim-Hing earned a PhD from the University of Georgia Department of Plant Biology and is currently a postdoctoral researcher of forest disturbance at the Warnell School of Forestry at the University of Georgia. Her main interests are in forest health and pathology, specifically how we can use new technologies and methods to improve management and our understanding pathosystems.
Description of Presentation: Climate change is causing major disruptions to forest ecosystems with wetter and hotter conditions facilitating the movement and increasing the range of pests and pathogens. From the Rockies in Canada to the pine plantations in Georgia, forests are undergoing unprecedented changes that have severe ecological and economic repercussions. Using new technologies and methods in forestry is necessary to alleviate pressures such as disease and pest outbreaks. Here, I discuss the current ways we are dealing with forest health issues, particularly disease in pine trees, and how these approaches are making changes in how we manage and conserve forests.
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