Atlanta Fringe Festival - Mr. Cardboard

Sunday June 9, 2024 02:30 PM EDT
Cost: $15.00
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From the venue:

Oldest and Dearest

Atlanta, GA

Clown/Comedy - General Audience - 55 Minutes

Mr. Cardboard is an enchanting, introspective, and twisted clown play. It is the debut hour from Miles Calderon and Levi Meltzer, two performers, theatermakers, and recent graduates from the world renowned French clown school: École Philippe Gaulier. The show is a playful deconstruction of the childhood/coming-of-age fantasy genre that bends between a simple narrative about Huxley meeting his magical imaginary friend, Mr. Cardboard, and a sincere comedy about growing up and friendship, all the while being stupidly funny.

On his 5th Birthday, rotten little boy Huxley (Levi Meltzer) is whisked away to the magical Land of Cardboard by the sprung-to-life Mr. Cardboard (Miles Calderon). However, aging and Huxley’s edge endanger his adventure and the innocence of the Land of Cardboard.

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Limelight Theater
349 Decatur St SE
Atlanta, GA 30312 neighborhood: not set