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Ryan Hall / Glitch Gum / SOPHIE SHREDZ / stecker

Sunday July 14, 2024 08:00 PM EDT
Cost: $15.00
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From the venue:

Event Description

Ryan Hall is an Atlanta-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist crafting a unique blend of pop, rock, and electronica that he dubs “angstpop”. With an ear for detailed production and heartfelt sentiments, Ryan has captivated audiences since 2020 with singles such as “THERAPY”, “FRIENDS”, and “bittersweet”, his collaboration with Illusion Hills and Han.Irl. He has also gained a widespread following online for his videos showcasing his raw musicianship and production skills. His latest offering, “POSTTEENANGST” is a methodically-planned collection of 10 songs highlighting the perils of the young adult experience. Ryan is nothing short of a self-contained anomaly, and he looks forward to causing a further dent in the music landscape.
Glitch Gum is the artist project of Nashville-based musician, producer, and songwriter Luke Huff. With a recipe that includes blippy electronic layers, indie/emo inspired live elements, sincere (yet tongue-in-cheek) lyrics, fun vocal performances, pop sensibility, and punk aesthetics, Glitch Gum has built a brand that is equal parts chaotic and cathartic. Glitch Gum draws influences from many different places. His inspirations include Blink 182, 100 Gecs, Phoebe Bridgers, Underscores, American Football, and Glaive. Sprinkling these influences into tracks coated with energy and honesty, GG hopes that his listeners can find a party where they can be themselves within his releases. Glitch Gum’s recent successes include a feature on CMTEN’s viral hit “NEVER MET!”, a cover and official remix of Phoebe Bridger’s “Kyoto”, the Killin’ Void collaboration “DUMB DUB”, the successful solo singles “Do U Think Abt Me??”, “Attention Horse (feat. Melissa Brooks)” and “Miss U Being Mine”, and production on Rebecca Black’s “NGL”. GG has also been lucky enough to be placed on the “Hyperpop”, “All New Indie”, “Misfits 2.0”, “Bass Arcade”, “Dubstep Don” and “Internet People” playlist on Spotify, as well as the “Glitch” playlist on Apple Music, among others.
SOPHIE SHREDZ is an electronic rock artist born and raised in NJ who currently resides in Nashville. SHREDZ is a rising star in the Nashville music community with her unique sound and undeniable talent. With a classically trained background, Sophie effortlessly fuses different genres such as classic rock and hyperpop to create a sound that is truly her own while also appealing to a wide audience. SOPHIE started playing guitar at the age of 7 and grew up on a wide range of classic rock. SHREDZ shows what it means to be a modern day popstar, as she is a fierce advocate for female empowerment, using her music to inspire others to pursue their dreams and take on a new level of confidence they didn’t know they had. SOPHIE’S dedication to her craft is evident in every aspect of her work, from her captivating live performances to her thought provoking lyrics. With modern  influences such as Ashnikko, Rico Nasty, and underscores to classic influences like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Heart, her music is a reflection of her personal growth and experiences, making it both relatable and authentic. SOPHIE SHREDZ is definitely one to watch in these next coming years as she takes the music industry by storm.
stecker is an electronic pop artist and producer based out of Nashville, Tennessee. He has been behind the scenes since 2013, helping to develop artists and bring the music of others to life, but has come into his own unique sound over the last two years. By combining tangible, organic sounds, a passion for glittery sound design and earnest lyrics; he has been able to create music that he really loves. He strives to learn and to push ideas forward and is influenced by contemporaries that do the same; such as Lido, Porter Robinson, Jeremy Zucker, and Alexander Panos. Aside from his solo releases, stecker’s project also contains a heavy focus on community and fostering connections with other talented musicians, providing remixes and production for artists such as han.irl, Atlas In Motion, Glitch Gum, and Sophie Shredz. Everything about the stecker project is homegrown and organic, a breath of fresh air in the current music industry. He hopes that listeners connect with his music and feel empowered to explore their own self expression. Currently, stecker is working on numerous projects with other artists and working on a debut EP simultaneously.

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