Photowalk: Zoo Atlanta with David Anglin

Saturday June 15, 2024 12:00 AM EDT
Cost: $25 Members/$50 Non-members
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From the venue:

Date(s) - 06/15/2024
Time(s) - 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta:
Photowalk with David Anglin
David Anglin and APG have made special arrangements with Zoo Atlanta for complimentary admission to the park, behind the scenes access to primate vistas not available to the public, and instruction and advice from wildlife photographer David Anglin.
Photowalk Itinerary:
10:00am – Enter Zoo Atlanta
10:30am- Meet on the Gorilla Deck for a berm tour of primate vistas not available to the public.
11:00am- Enjoy the rest of the day at the Zoo! The Zoo closes at 3pm that day.
Please Note:
The location for the berm tour is uphill and has uneven ground with tree growth. If anyone is unsteady on their feet or has issues walking up a steep hill, we recommend that they hang back on the gorilla deck.

David Anglin grew up in Oklahoma and spent many days outdoors hiking, hunting, and working with cutting horses (a friend’s cattle ranch). He loves nature and has always felt a special connection with wildlife. He started his journey with photography in college when he purchased his fist SLR.David married his wife Sherry in 1982.  Though they were both busy developing their core careers, he still found time for photography.  While David found time to capture new images, his success as an executive did not provide time to share and publish his work.  David retired in 2013 and has enjoyed capturing new wildlife images in remote locations around the world.David and his wife Sherry work as a team on photography trips and share a passion for nature and wildlife. They have traveled to many nature rich areas in North America, Africa,  Antarctica, the Arctic, and other inspiring locations. Trips planned for the future include returns to many of their favorite locations along with new destinations and adventures. In addition to wildlife, David has always been fascinated by aircraft and regularly attends airshows around the US.Photography was an unusual hobby for David to pursue.  He has been technically blind (0 vision left, 20/200 right eye) since birth.  His technical background, early exposure to nature and love of the wild has helped offset any visual limitations.Instructor’s Website:

Zoo Atlanta
800 Cherokee Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30315
Parking is available in Zoo Atlanta’s Cherokee Ave Lot (the closer lot) or via the parking deck on Boulevard. You can pay the machine or use the Park Mobile app:

Photowalk – Zoo Atlanta: An Photowalk with David Anglin
Instructor’s Name –  David Anglin
Date – June 15, 2024
Time – 10:00am ET (participants can remain in the park until 3:00pm ET)
Meetup Fee – $25 Members/$50 Non-members


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Zoo Atlanta Magnum
800 Cherokee Ave. S.E.
Atlanta , GA 30315
(404) 624-5600