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Ear Pollen at Atlanta Contemporary

Saturday July 6, 2024 04:00 PM EDT
Cost: Free
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CRITIC’S PICK: Ear Pollen Part 2: Klimchak with Ryan Taylor at Atlanta Contemporary — Ear Pollen, Part 2 continues in residency at [https://www.facebook.com/AtlantaContemporary?cft0=AZVDFxPTaUHm8KYAktD-dVVEZuxcVdSp2AdPfL2nQVw6iXSWVbjRhF3TpmvMGqV0FYVGqJsVrEfq8_fiGaSphChIQPak3H-jd4F0SElsZMDdQntnNvdcX_aIPDx-nwRrsALV3DIy9OlLTqKPuxOLolQmSE_amOdOO_lOKvCwCZ47FkUC-bMXSJfmE0oLJYl_u2Rk1OuUMh1yWYKclni29WTk&tn=-]K-R|Atlanta Contemporary] on Sat., Jul. 6, with a free concert in the courtyard of the art enclave adjacent to the Georgia Tech campus. Curated by Atlanta-based percussionist Klimchak, each Ear Pollen program features a duet with a different partner similarly inclined toward adventurous, improvisational performance.

Klimchak says he and guitarist Ryan Klee P. Taylor (Javelinas, Blackfox) have been trying to collaborate for more than a decade and finally made it work. “We’re thinking about a drone-based improv featuring, gongs, cymbals, bells, guitar and modular synths,” he says. Sounds like another entirely wonderful free-wheeling sonic journey in store at Atlanta Contemporary. — Doug DeLoach

From the venue:

The Ear Pollen Series started at Gallery 378 in 2020. Klimchak curated the monthly performances by selecting 3-5 musicians to perform a totally improvised concert together. The series was just getting started when Covid hit and ended it. At Atlanta Contemporary, Klimchak has revived the series in a minimalist compact form, while retaining the improvised format. For the Ear Pollen Series, Pt 2, Klimchak is performing in a series of duets, each month with a different partner and featuring different instruments. In many ways, the duet is the perfect vehicle for improvisation, as it allows the performers to treat their playing as a form of conversation, introducing new ideas, batting those ideas back and forth and taking them to new places to keep the dialog flowing. Part 2 becomes a 2 part conversation for the audience to witness and enjoy.
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Klimchak is a composer known for his use of electronics & homebuilt instruments. His work has been seen in dance, theater & solo performances around the world. In 2011, he was given a grant by Idea Capital to make a series of compositions for home-built percussion instruments with lights incorporate... | more...