Alex Hassell

Atlanta, GA based session musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Graduated from Georgia State University School of Music with degree in Jazz Studies (Jazz Guitar). Plays with, or has played with, The Clout Trio, Flwr Chyld, James Bambu, Des Monroe, Yani Mo, Grimm Lynn, Louis Heriveaux, Dave Frackenpohl and many more. His debut project Dilated Love comes out December 15th, 2018.

Dilated Love is the debut album by Atlanta, GA native Alex Hassell. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Griffin Mastering, Inc. by Atlanta’s very own Chris Griffin (of Drivin’ n Cryin’ and Live), this project sees the guitarist utilizing his producing, singing, songwriting, horn arranging, guitar/bass playing and organ playing skills. He is joined by Atlanta session artists Shane Perryman (Bass, Trombone and Hammond Organ), Deitrich Jones (Alto Saxophone), Brandon Sully (Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Hammond Organ) and Anthony Doud (Drums). The two featured artists are the immensely talented singer Des Monroe (Good Thing) and East Atlanta Poet/Rapper/Singer Yani Mo (Yani’s Interlude).


Played on and/or produced these projects:

Alex Hassell - Dilated Love (Self-Produced)
The Clout Trio - Our Family (Co-Produced)
The Clout Trio - Wishes You A Very Merry Christmas (Co-Produced)
Flwr Chyld & Devin Tracy - Reflections
Flwr Chyld & James Bambu - Succulent
Flwr Chyld & James Bambu - River of Love (Co-Produced)
Hadiya George - The S.E.A (Co-Produced)

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