Lynx Deluxe

The band’s first EP, “Jungleland,” was released in 2021 and shortly thereafter, Lynx Deluxe’s debut performance was at Atlanta’s Coca-Cola Roxy supporting Drivin N Cryin. In October of 2022, members Andy Browne (The Nightporters), Lucy Theodora (Peppermint Synapse), Brad Mattson (The Phones), Billy Fields (Follow for Now), and Dean Browne (Irrational Velvet) recorded their follow up LP at the historic Capricorn Sound Studios in Macon, GA. The yet to be titled album is currently being mixed in Atlanta, GA by Palmer Wood.

Andy Browne raised in Birmingham, England,fronted Atlanta’s Nightporters, (touring with The Replacements) supporting acts such as The Clash, REM, The English Beat and Jim Carroll. Prefers Vintage Telecasters, Super Reverbs and Shure Deluxe 55 Vocal Microphones.
Lucy Theodora born in NYC, raised near Savannah, GA. Studied psychology at Georgia State University. Plays a Music Man bass, SVT Cabinet and Orange Terror.
Prefers Vinyl.
Brad Mattson Minnesota bred and raised.(Drums,Samples,Vocals).Drumming previously for The Phones (Twin Tone Records) .“Real drums, played forcefully and with a keen balance between complexity and sheer power, form the basis of these tunes.”Bill Kopp on “ Jungleland “
Dean Browne: Miami born, did some time in The Restraints, opening for the The Clash and The Ramones at Atlanta’s Agora Ballroom. Loves France,big David Bowie / Mick Ronson.Bill Nelson of Be Bop Deluxe is a personal favorite.
Billy Fields Atl,Ga ,Follow for Now, WaitingforUFO’s, Yes, that Billy.(Keys,Arp,Nord)”I just got tired of loud rock guitars and rock egos and that whole mentality, so I just wanted to do something completely different.” Well said ,Billy.

“The songs are open-hearted , complete, and flourishing with redemptive fodder for the imagination that’s mysteriously timeless.”
-Chad Radford (
” It’s a record that dismisses genre concerns, favoring cinematic sweeps, punk rock exotica, and elastic bass lines over a reliable boiler plate.” -Charlie Farmer (Creative Loafing)
“Here’s something different” “The songs themselves are hooky rockers, and jungle sounds figure into the mix, providing a sort of conceptual connective tissue.”
-Bill Kopp (Musoscribe)
“These days, the former Nightporters frontman finds miracles in the minor, emboldened by a newfound sense of clarity and a rekindled fire for music. Rather than deal in reunions or revisionist history, Browne has chosen to write an entirely new story.”
-Charlie Farmer (Sound and Soul Online)
“With his muse and partner, bassist Lucy Theodora, Browne has divined a new round of songs that draw from his English roots and the raw power of his early career.”
-Aaron Irons (Macon,Ga)
“The eleven tracks are all damned good and there is no filler on the album at all. It has anger, love, spirit, passion, and hope in every note, riff, and groove.”
-Bill Adamson (York, England)
“The debut from this Atlanta outfit led by ex-Nightporter Andy Browne rocks and roils with a King Kong backbeat and calculated songs.”
— Aaron Irons, Sound and Soul
​“This band sure cannot be pigeonholed into one genre, they do it all and throw it all together to make a great unique sound!”
-Andrew Goodwin (Warrington, England)

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