Lynx Deluxe

Lynx Deluxe is:..
Andy Browne
Lucy Theodora
Brad Mattson
Dean Browne
Billy Fields

“The songs are open-hearted, complete, and flourishing with redemptive fodder for the imagination that’s mysteriously timeless.”
Chad Radford (Atl,Ga)

“This band sure cannot be pigeonholed into one genre, they do it all and throw it all together to make a great unique sound!”
Andrew Goodwin (Warrington, England)
New Music Ear

“Here’s something different.”
“Lynx Deluxe’s Jungleland is a five-song EP that builds its sound around heavy beats. ““The songs themselves are hooky rockers, and jungle sounds figure into the mix, providing a sort of conceptual connective tissue.”
Bill Kopp (Asheville,NC)

Sound and Soul’s 100 Favorite Albums & EPs of 2021
“The debut from this Atlanta outfit led by ex-Nightporter Andy Browne rocks and roils with a King Kong backbeat and calculated songs. Seger might’ve said, “Rock n’ roll never forgets,” but Browne & co. prove it”.
— Aaron Irons, Sound and Soul

With his muse and partner, bassist Lucy Theodora, Browne has divined a new round of songs that draw from his English roots and the raw power of his early career. There’s a touch of glam and a snarl of confrontation in the band’s new EP, Jungleland, that dares to be defined. Featuring keyboardist Billy Fields (Rev Rebel, Follow For Now), guitarist Greg Di Gesu (Wooden Soldiers), and drummer Brad Mattson (The Phones), Lynx Deluxe is the echo of rock heroes and Atlanta 60-cycle hum.
Aaron Irons (Macon,Ga)
https://www.soundandsoulonline.com/2021/02/24/the-right-tribe-andy-browne-lucy-theodora-on-lynx-deluxe-new-y Fields

“Lynx Deluxe has created a sound all its own. Rocking bass grooves, sonic textures, spirited melodies and lyrics! Their music is real Rock n Roll of the future with a nod to its past!” –
Dave Dreiwitz (Ween, JRAD)

“I really do like the songs. it doesn’t sound like anything else that is happening now. It’s very fresh and inviting.”
Tim Nielsen (Drivin n Cryin)

“This is fantastic! Really great music,congratulations.. ““I’m really digging it” “Great Production”
Kevn Kinney(Drivin n Cryin)

“Loving these guys. A great take on rock with a swing, bringing me back to the 70’s subtly with a modern feel, Its easy to listen to the entire album without realizing. Its a natural flow!
There’s different identifying factors from song to song every tracks fire, Shits Dope” Xee Foo

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