Widespread Panic

Widespread Panic has been together 30 years. Formed by original members vocalist/guitarist John "JB" Bell, bassist Dave Schools and late guitarist Michael Houser, who lived together in a suburban house in Athens, GA, where they met as students not far from the University of Georgia campus, later to be joined by drummer Todd Nance. The band's line-up was solidified with the addition of percussionist Domingo "Sunny" Ortiz and keyboard player John "JoJo" Hermann and Duane Trucks on drums.


Space Wrangler (1988)
Widespread Panic (1991)
Everyday (1993)
Ain't Life Grand (1994)
Bombs & Butterflies (1997)
'Til the Medicine Takes (1999)
Don't Tell the Band (2001)
Ball (2003)
Earth to America (2006)
Free Somehow (2008)
Dirty Side Down (2010)
Street Dogs (2015)

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