Horrible Idea

We're a band that mixes the genres of metal, punk, jam, funk, ska and all the rest to a certain degree. We've been playing in and around Atlanta since 2005. Our music is highly energetic and probably overly ambitious at times. We enjoy mixing extremely silly and light-hearted songs into our albums with other dark and serious themed songs. We love to rock as hard as possible and hope to be doing it for as long as we are healthy enough. We released our 1st album in 2005, 2nd album in 2010, 3rd album in 2013, and 4th and 5th albums in 2019. We are currently writing and practicing new songs for our 6th album. To listen you can find our music on Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Bandcamp, etc. Check out our profiles at http://www.horribleidea.org/
Email me at: Seanhorrible at gmail.com


Threat of Normalcy: 2005
All in the Climbing: 2010
Orange Four-Inch Door Hinge: 2013
Confirmation Bias: 2019
Landed Gentry:2019

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