Vera Bloom

Whether she’s taking her motorcycle off on a long stretch of empty road or delivering an epic rock show, she’s honest, open, and untethered to anyone’s narrative but her own. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Bloom echoes west coast influences in her music. The powerhouse rocker is both sweet and blunt, a personality trait that holds true in her music. Inspired by punk, singer-songwriters, and rockers from the 70s and 80s, she is influenced by icons like Joan Jett, Pink Floyd, Iggy & The Stooges, and Tom Petty, when writing. As a songwriter, she aims to translate raw feelings into her music, inviting listeners to go through the emotions with her. Her art speaks to her joys and pains in life, rooted in honest emotion and a candid perspective. Dedicated to discovering her voice on stage or in the studio, she is delivering an art that’s real. Vera Bloom is raw and authentic, yet polished and professional; an impressive, rebellious, and noteworthy force of nature.

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