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Creative Loafing is bringing back free musicians exchange ads. To place your musicians exchange ad, you'll need to register on the site and submit it. Register HERE. Select the second option for "Band Representatives and Musicians".
We're a small staff these days, but we are looking at all the ads to keep everyone honest. If you are in a band, we've also got a place for you to enter your band information HERE and to enter events HERE.
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Music Services Business Directory

Rehearsal Spaces

Image Business Name About
  • ARR Studio1
  • The best equipped & most affordable rehearsal studio in Atlanta featuring full backline equipment!
  • CrossoverEnt Rehearsal Studio A
  • Crossover Entertainment Group, the Southeast’s premier rehearsal studio since 1992, has always kept a steady finger on the pulse of the music industry.
  • SoundLab 90
  • From premium Rehearsal Suites, Backline Rooms, and Event Space, to Affiliate Workspace, Music Education, Performance Training, and Gear Rental... we've got you covered.
  • UndergroundSound
  • There always seems to come a time when the place you rehearse is no longer available - after making music in bands for over 30 yrs and moving from place to place to rehearse - we decided to build a pl...
  • Riot Space Image
  • Trendy developments and urban progress have pushed Atlanta’s musicians to the fringes.

    Riot Space is about pushing back.

    Our mission is to better Atlanta by providing citizens space for artistic e...

Recording Studios

Image Business Name About
  • RexTrax Studio
  • Founded in 1997 RexTrax is one of the longest running Recording Studios in Atlanta and has a history of happy clients in the Southeast. We can offer a much lower rate than many other Atlanta Recording...
  • AmerSushiRecordingStudios
  • (A·mer·i·can /əˈmerəkən/) (su·shi /'so͞oSHē/) - 1. Ultra Dope Recording Studio 2. Continuously creating cool sounds with the homies!
  • Arcade160studios
  • Arcade 160 offers a full range of professional audio services, including a Pro Tools HD audio suite for editing and mixing with sound designer Jimmy Guthrie, voice-over recording, Source-Connect, ISDN...
  • WAMM Studios 2
  • No description provided
  • WAMM Studios
  • No description provided
  • CSP Music Group
  • CSP Music Group is a full service entertainment logistics company that caters to independent and seasoned recording artists. The new generation of music-makers are following in the footsteps of pionee...
  • KapstoneStudios
  • Kapstone Music, Inc. is owned and operated by industry engineer and producer Joshua Coleman. He spent the last 10 years dedicated to his dream of “doing music” full time by gaining a formal education ...
  • LEOstudioATL
  • LEO Studios ATL specializes in recording mixing and mastering.
  • LoudHouseStudios
  • Loud House Studios is a state-of-the-art recording facility with a team of experienced and professional audio engineers. Industry standard audio equipment, including analog compressors and equalizers,...
  • Parhelion 640x415
  • Parhelion Recording Studios is a new breed of music studio for today’s modern needs and the way engineers now work. A hybrid of digital and analog. We embrace digital recording and the new ways it has...
  • Patchwerk Magnum
  • With over 21 years worth of gold & platinum records under its belt, Patchwerk Recording Studios is Atlanta’s premier recording facility. Positioned among the major three record labels Universal, Sony,...
  • Recordingconnection Image
  • The Recording Connection is an industry-recognized school alternative, a program area of the Recording, Radio, Film and CASA Schools (RRFC). Our programs and workshops are designed to train you for a ...
  • A Room Computer To Front Door Diagonal View
  • Established in 2004. Rich Productions is a full-service, boutique recording studio conveniently located in the Atlanta area for over 12 years. We offer professional services for both musicians and co...
  • Soundgasmllc
  • As a leading provider of recording, producing and publication of independent music, we take pride in offering the best services to our clients.

    Want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck?...
  • SolarSoundStudio
  • Solar Sound Studio is a recording studio in Atlanta, GA. We are your one stop spot for all your Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Audio needs. Conveniently located in what has become Atlanta’s Audio D...

Sound Mastering

Image Business Name About
  • Rodney Millls
  • In the early 1990’s, Rodney opened ‘Rodney Mills Masterhouse‘, a local mastering service in Atlanta which quickly grew to national acclaim. Since its opening, Rodney has mastered tens of thousands of ...

Graphic Design Services

Image Business Name About
  • World Of Anarchie
  • World of anArchie is proud to offer award-winning and cost-effective CD, LP, book, and special package design services for record labels, independent musicians, writers, or anyone interested in turnin...

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