Neighborhood Issue 2015

Photo Credit: Joeff Davis and CL Staff

CL’s Annual Neighborhood Issue

When people say Atlanta is a city of neighborhoods, they aren’t kidding. Atlanta claims 242 official neighborhoods. Zoom in on well-known communities such as Buckhead, Downtown, and the Westside, and the number of neighborhoods multiplies exponentially. They’re often lumped together into smaller groups — 25 Neighborhood Planning Units, 12 City Council districts, 6 police zones — to make civic life more manageable. For this year’s Neighborhood Issue, we wondered about the story behind neighborhood names such as Joyland and Polar Rock, the history of longstanding communities such as East Lake and Chosewood Park, and where people hang out in places like South Atlanta. Far from definitive, the following overview offers a look at 25 of Atlanta’s lesser-known communities. Only 217 to go.

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